Solo Tent Camping

Solo Tent Camping

It always catches me off guard when people express concern when they find out I am going camping alone. For me, there is no stronger feeling of freedom than the one I feel when I am solo tent camping, surrounded by nature.

I can take as long as I want to explore a trail when others aren’t waiting on me to catch up. I can spend hours checking out the different things I find. I can choose to cook a full meal over the campfire or just eat peanut butter if I feel like it. If I just want to kick back and watch the squirrels play for an entire day, that’s okay too.

Is That Even Safe?

I fully admit that there are a few minor things I do to keep my campsite from looking like I am alone. First of all, I tend to be a camping equipment junkie so the amount of stuff I have with me probably looks like an entire family is camping anyway, but I do put an extra chair next to the campfire and I don’t mention to others that I am alone.

Since generally speaking I mostly camp at Texas State Parks, safety has never really been a concern for me. The worst thing that has happened is a raccoon stealing food from a cooler that I had not secured. Lesson learned.

Would I be more cautious if I was completely alone in the forest outside of a campground? Perhaps, but I can’t imagine it being any more dangerous than walking around a city alone. Both simply require some common sense.

But What If You Get Hurt?

I could fall down the stairs at home alone too, right? BUT before you leave for any solo trip, you really need to tell someone about your plans, where you will be, and when they should expect you to return. It is also a good idea to have more than one way to reach out for help if something happens.

Cell phones are great (although I mostly use mine for taking pictures) but they don’t always have reception when you need it the most. It’s a good idea to have alternatives such as personal locator beacon to send out a distress signal in an emergency.

How Do You Do Everything Yourself Though?

Well, I am not in any hurry, so I can spend the entire day setting up my campsite if I want to, right? That being said, common sense comes into play here too.

You want to make sure that your tent is not so big that it takes two people to set it up and you might want to pay attention to the weight of that cooler your packing or plan on leaving it in your vehicle. Keep in mind you’ll be packing everything back up alone too so you may want to leave a few things at home.

Doesn’t It Get Boring Or Lonely?

Being in nature brings me joy and it is when I feel most at home. The closest I come to being bored or lonely is if I have trouble falling asleep at night, in which case I either read or listen to movies.

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