Solutions for Night Lighting While Camping

Simple Solutions for Night Lighting While Camping

In a world of amazing technology, it is easy to take for granted some of the things we use most each and every day. For example, you may not realize just how dependent you are on electricity and lighting. When the sun starts to set, all you have to do to keep your home illuminated is flip a switch.

Lighting is just as important (or perhaps even more important) when you are on a camping trip but it generally isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Keep reading to learn more about camp lighting essentials to pack for your trip as well as some DIY lighting solutions to consider.

Camp Lighting Essentials to Have on Hand

When preparing for a camping trip it is important to make sure that you pack some lighting essentials. Depending how much you are going to be “roughing it,” you should be prepared to move around the campsite in the dark – especially if you don’t have the luxury of a porta-john nearby.

Having a good flashlight is absolutely essential – you can consider a battery-powered flashlight, but crank-operated flashlights are good for camping too because you don’t have to worry about carrying replacement batteries. In addition to a good flashlight, you should also invest in a quality headlamp. You can strap the lamp around your head to leave your hands free.

DIY Camp Lighting Solutions

While investing in a quality headlamp and a powerful flashlight are both important if you want to be properly prepared for your next camping trip, there are also some DIY lighting solutions you should consider.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on fancy technology to keep your tent lit up at night or to illuminate your campsite. Below you will find a collection of several easy DIY camp lighting solutions to try for yourself:

Jug Light – If you have a one-gallon plastic jug and a headlamp you can create a bright camping light for use in your tent or around the campfire. Simply fill the jug with water than wrap the headlamp around the jug with the light facing in.

Turn the headlamp on and it will create enough ambient light to illuminate your tent.• Candle Torches – If you want to brighten up your campsite at night without going overboard, consider making your own torches using wooden stakes and candles. Simply insert one end of several wooden dowel rods into the bottom of some candle sticks then shove the other end into the ground, forming a ring around your campsite. Then, just light the candles!

Camping Lantern – To make your own mini camping lanterns, all you need is a few empty plastic jars that come with handle lids and some battery-operated tea lights. Decorate the outside of the plastic jar with pieces of tissue paper then simply turn on the tea light, place it in the jar, and you have yourself a DIY camping lantern. This is a great project for kids!

Glow Jars – If you have a few empty glass jars and some glow sticks on hand you can make glow jars to light up your tent or campsite. When you are ready, hold a few glow bracelets over the mouth of the jar and cut off the tips. Pour the liquid into the jar then swirl it around and watch it glow! Feel free to use jars of different sizes and glow sticks of all colors.

Whether you choose to purchase your camp lighting solutions or you make them yourself, having the right lighting is essential for an enjoyable camping trip. No one wants to stumble around in the dark. With the right lighting options, you won’t have to!

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