Save Now on Camping Supplies for Next Spring

Save Now on Camping Supplies for Next Spring

Going on a camping trip is a wonderful way to “get away from it all” and to spend a little time in the great outdoors. In order for your camping trip to be a success, however, you need to have certain supplies on hand.

Unfortunately, some of those camping supplies can be pretty expensive – that is why you should stock up now to save for next spring.

What Spring Camping Supplies Do You Need?

The camping supplies you need for the spring will vary depending where you go and how long you plan to be gone. Making sure that you have all of the essentials you need is part of the planning process. To make sure that you have everything you need, consult this list of recommended camping supplies for spring camping trips:

• Tent with tent anchors
• Ground cloth or tarp
• Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
• Camp stove and cookware
• Flashlights, lanterns and batteries
• Saw or hatchet
• GPS device
• Hiking backpack
• First Aid kit
• Rain gear and windbreaker
• Hiking boots or shoes
• Extra socks
• Travel toilet and toilet paper
• Bug spray
• Container of water
• Cooler and ice packs

You won’t necessarily need everything on this list, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! Make sure to stock up on the essentials and then see if you have room to pack a few extras. Don’t forget to bring plenty of food and beverages for your trip as well as whatever fuel you need to run your camp stove (if you choose to use one).

For clothing, bring plenty of light layers so you can bundle up or strip down according to the temperature. And don’t forget to bring plenty of extra socks! You never know when your feet might get wet.

Money-Saving Tips for Spring Camping Supplies

In the dead of winter you are probably more worried about cuddling up next to a crackling fire than about where you are going to go camping in the spring. But if you want to save money on spring camping supplies, you need to act now!

The end of the year is the perfect time to stock up on camping essentials because stores like REI and Gander Mountain often put their camping gear on sale to make room for the new year’s stock.

You should also take advantage of holiday savings like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Thanks to the internet, you don’t necessarily have to get up at the crack of dawn and wait in line for your favorite camping supply store to open – just log in to their website to take advantage of year-end savings!

Making sure that your camping trip goes well is all about planning ahead. You need to be prepared for any situation that might arise, so you’ll need a fully stocked kit of camping supplies. To save money on camping supplies for spring, start thinking now about stocking up so you can take advantage of lower year-end prices.

You won’t regret it!

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