Must-Have Campground Amenities

Must-Have Campground Amenities

Whether you’re a full-time RVer, a weekend warrior or fan of roughing it in a tent, everyone appreciates a few amenities, no matter how rugged or luxurious you prefer it. Some tent campers might consider an RV itself as a pretty impressive camping amenity, but to full-timers, that RV is their home and they, too, appreciate the perks some campgrounds provide. With well over 16,000 campgrounds in the United States, choosing a campground can be challenging, but everyone can agree on which amenities are musts – no matter which type of camping you prefer.

RV Campgrounds

The number and quality of campground amenities will naturally depend on the location and type of campground you choose. A luxury RV park will provide you and your family with amenities found at the poshest resorts, enough outdoor activities to last a lifetime and views to rival a dozen postcard photos. However, even far more modest RV campgrounds provide lovely natural view, wonderful experiences and your most important must-haves.

WIFI: People used to hop in the RV to get away from civilization and all its technologies. This is still true, but having the ability to stay connected in case of work responsibilities or an emergency is a definite “must-have” amenity.

Full utility hookups: While many RVs are self-contained as to water storage, they all require power to use unlimited water and laptops, televisions and air conditioners. Full hookups also provide sewage service – a much-appreciated amenity.

Pet Park: Four-legged family members often go everywhere the family does, especially an RV family. Both human and canine campers will appreciate a special place where your dog can stretch his legs, play some Frisbee or meet some new friends. Mom and Dad might meet some new pet lovers, too.

Convenience store: Even the most experienced RVer can run out of some necessity while camping. And if the whole family is camping, you can guarantee it. Having easy access to a small general or convenience store at the campground is a huge plus.

Tent Campgrounds

For primitive campers, nothing beats curling up in a warm sleeping bag under the stars. This is as basic as it gets, tent or not. However, who wouldn’t appreciate dialing up the basics a bit?

Restroom/Shower Facilities: As fun as tent camping is, a hot shower and a restroom is always appreciated. After a day spent hiking, fishing, boating or any number of other outdoor activities, sore muscles scream for a hot shower. Sleeping outside is fun, but modern plumbing is a definite must have for most folks.

Electric hookups: Speaking of WiFi, those cell phones require recharging more often than we’d like. While most primitive campers won’t pack their laptops, bringing a cell phone is a common practice. Having an electric hookup handy will also provide power for certain types of camp lanterns and other handy devices.

Easy access to potable water: No one wants to walk a mile through the woods to reach a water source for washing dishes, cooking or washing up. Water is a precious resource anywhere, but it’s far more appreciated in a campsite.

None of these must-haves are really limited to either type of camper – they’re all highly appreciated by both. Not making the list is on-site activities, a must for families with children. Every campground provides its own amenities, unique to the type and size of the facility and its location.

These few general must-haves might be considered luxuries by some die-hard primitive campers, but no matter how many amenities your campground provides, it’s all about the gorgeous views, your loved ones and a wonderful, shared experience in a natural setting. Enjoy!

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