Finding Peace In Nature Camping

Finding Peace In Nature Camping

Enjoy the sun slowly rising to begin your day. You don’t need to be in a hurry to get anywhere by a certain time. Just sit by the campfire sipping your morning coffee or a cup of hot cocoa.

Take your time making breakfast (hopefully over the campfire) while you listen to nature waking up all around you. The birds may serenade you while the squirrels stop in for a moment to see what you’re doing.

If you’re thinking about checking out social media on your phone, right about now, don’t. Allow nature to be your escape from the hectic daily life at home and just live in the moment.

When you’re ready to start your day, start exploring the area around you. You don’t have to go on a 12-mile hike to find peace, unless that is what you are looking for. A slow casual walk on a local trail will allow any leftover stress to just melt away.

If you’re quiet enough, you may get to see some wildlife or just enjoy the nature surrounding you. Every moment doesn’t have to be goal driven to arrive at a planned destination. Instead, enjoy the journey and let your joy guide you.

Is there a lake or river? Maybe a slow lazy swim is in order or maybe you would rather sit by the water fishing, not caring if you catch anything or not.

Don’t put a lot of effort into lunch. It doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy. Grab a sandwich, chips, and a cold drink. Kick back in a hammock. Close your eyes and enjoy the fresh breeze on your face. Don’t be surprised if you end up taking a nap. You will likely wake up more refreshed than you have been in a long time.

Wander around some more, with no particular destination. Smile and say hello to other campers you see in the area. You’re not in any hurry, you can stop and chat for a while if you wish, or if you prefer, go check out the local historic sites. Remember, you don’t need to have a specific plan, you can simply let each moment lead you.

Make a one skillet dinner over the fire. Something simple. Experience the pure tranquility as the sun begins to set over the horizon.

Close your eyes and drift off into a peaceful sleep for the night.

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