campfire safety

When thinking of the concept of campfire safety, two things come to mind. Unfortunately, both of these things have to do with television. The first item on the agenda is obviously Smokey the Bear.

“Only you can prevent forest fires,” is the popular saying by Smokey the Bear. What this means is that 90% of all forest fires are caused by campers, who did not properly put out their camp fires. One must always remember but first you have to smother the ashes and spread them around to help cool the campfire down. Once you have done this, please do not forget the poor water on the ashes themselves. The final item on that list, of course, is once you have completely done that, and although you think the fire is completely out, stir up the ashes one more time to make sure that it stays out.

Now on a lighter note, when one thinks of forest fires, they think a Smokey the Bear. While there are still some who have seen a very crazy movie that is entitled The Gods Must Be Crazy. Now in this movie, if you have not seen it before, there is a rhinoceros. Now according to the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, the rhinoceros is the fire preventer of the African bush.

Just thinking about this movie and a rhinoceros makes me chuckle. For those who have not seen the movie, I am not trying to spoil it for you, so I have only been to tell you about the funding situation involving the rhinoceros. In this little section of the movie, and runs up the tree, but she did not see however, is the rhinoceros stomping on the campfire and putting it out. When she climbs out of the tree, she finds the other conductor of the movie stomping on the fire to ensure that the campfire is out. Since she did not actually see the rhinoceros, she blamed the other character for putting the campfire out. Much like in the states, the grizzly bear is the fire prevention expert, the African bush must also have their protector and according to this movie, the rhinoceros is that protector.

But now this is all besides the point, but talking about fire prevention out of a movie that was made back in the 1970s. Campfire safety is a very serious matter. Every year hundreds of thousands of families lose their homes due to brushfires that could’ve been prevented had a little campfire safety been utilized when outdoors. Campfire safety is no laughing matter. You must always remember that when you go camping, to ensure that your campfire is completely out before leaving the camp site. Besides, how would you feel if you lost your home due to a fire that was caused by somebody camping and not insuring that the campfire was completely out.

Remember to spread the ashes around, pour water on them and also stir them up to ensure that your camp fires out. It is also a good idea to double check your camp fire, about an hour after putting it out to make sure that it has cool been sufficiently. Sometimes as an extra precaution, don’t forget to bring a shovel with you when you go camping, so that you can put a load of dirt on top of the campfire to ensure that the campfire is smothered.