Are you looking for something fun to build with your little one?   Try out a marshmallow shooter.  It will prove to be an enjoyable experience for you and them, and will provide hours of fun at home or at the campground.

Marshmallow shooters are safe for all ages.  This would make a unique gift idea, but if its for you own child take some time and build it with them; and let them help!

When built correctly, these shooters are actually quite accurate and have decent range.

Shooter cost:  About $4

Marshmallow Shooter Tools Checklist:

  • Hacksaw
  • Vise for holding cutting (optional)
  • PVC Glue (Optional)
  • Sandpaper

- Always use safety glasses when cutting and gluing

- After cutting PVC, use a rough-grit sandpaper to smooth up the edges

Visit your local hardware store and purchase two feet (24”) of 1/2 inch PVC pipe.  You will also need 2 PVC elbows, 2 three way junctions, also know as T’s, and 2 end caps.

Cut one length of PVC to be 7 inches.  Cut 5 pieces of PVC to be 3 inches. 

Tip:  Place the PVC pipe in a vise and use a hacksaw for cutting.

Start by laying out your shooter by the picture above.   Once your ready to put it together, you can lightly apply glue inside each end cap, “Tee” and elbow, or simply put together as it is (no glue).  Either way is ok.  I prefer not to glue it, as you will not be able to take it apart for cleaning, or easily changing the gun design. 

Now you have your first homemade marshmallow shooter. The marshmallow shooter can be designed however you like, be creative.  You can start by spray painting it, or cutting out some simple designs to be spray painted on.  I suggest applying at least two coats of paint and letting it dry overnight.

TIP:  Need more air pressure?  Fill areas of the PVC pipe that are not the passageway of the marshmallow with toilet paper.  This will allow the air pressure to be more direct with the marshmallow firing passage way.

Now, the fun part;  Marshallow Shooter Instructions

First, take a mini marshmallow and put in the upper chamber (top piece). You do not want to put it in the barrel. Blow hard and the marshmallow will shoot out the barrel.  The marshmallows will get sticky so be sure you are doing this in an area where you don’t mind that.  If you are doing this in a public place, take the time to clean up your mess, and be considerate of others in the area.

Now you know how to build and shoot a marshmallow shooter, or gun, so lets go get some supplies and get started. By tonight you and your kids will be shooting marshmallows with your own guns.