You may be used to the environment of your kitchen to the point of being a seasoned professional at cooking up delicious hot meals and entertaining guests. Even if this is the case and you are thinking of a family camping trip you may find yourself a little worried about how you are going to survive with no oven, microwave or grill. In fact, camping demands that you travel light so you may find yourself with nothing but a fold away knife and fork and an aluminum pot. There is a variety of specialized equipment available today that is specifically designed for outdoor Cooking and keeping your backpack weight down to its minimum. Unfortunately, traveling light also means you may not be able to carry a large amount of fresh food with you such as meats and fresh vegetables because they are bulky, quick to turn bad and have a high water content making them heavy to carry around.

Outdoor Cooking is significantly different from home cooking not just because of the tools you use but also because of the food you eat. When preparing for outdoor Cooking you need to be able to carefully plan out what food you will eat on which days whilst ensuring you have the energy and nutrients you need for the journey. Many people take the opportunity to practice a little fishing while camping or hunt wild game so they can enjoy some fresh food without the need to carry it. However, this is not for all of us and some areas are not well habited by fish or animals and may have legal restrictions on them. Generally speaking it is not a good idea to rely solely on this method of acquiring food or to assume you will obtain any at all.

Most store bought camping food is available as dried packets so they take up considerably less space and weigh much less. Then all you need to do is add hot water to re-hydrate the food when needed. Outdoor Cooking isn’t about flamboyant meals, camping Cooking is a matter of survival and rustic living which is part of the reason why people enjoy camping holidays. You should ensure your meals contain lots of fats and carbohydrates to give you enough energy for camping hikes and to fend off any cold weather. You can also use more everyday foods as well as freeze dried instant packets to mix things up a bit. Cereal bars, instant soup packets and sultanas are a great treat and they ensure your meal is a little more balanced.