Teardrop trailers are so named because they look like oversized tear drops that have somehow fallen over and kept their shape. Teardrop trailers are perfect for a couple to get away in the country side and usually only have space for two adults to comfortably sleep in. The teardrop trailers are light and compact and fix on to the back of your vehicle. They are very popular because of their size; they hold the basics for living without being large, obtrusive and difficult to move. They have been around for a very long time, since the 1930’s when teardrop trailers were extremely popular among young campers. Teardrop trailers are once again becoming a popular camping trend as people are looking for greener holidays. The teardrop trailers offer the benefits of comfortable camping without putting a large weight on the car and exhausting fuel. The teardrop trailers can run entirely on battery power offering lighting to campers but if you are for the long haul you can also get it hooked up to a supply.

Teardrop trailers are perfect for a relaxing weekend camping without the hassle of erecting a tent and sleeping on the ground. These trailers are designed to offer the unique camping experience without so many of the discomforts. These teardrop trailers are not designed for people who like to hike in which case a lightweight fold away tent would be much more suitable. These trailers are designed to enhance the camping holiday of people who want to find their little patch of green and stay there. They allow the combination of comfort and outdoor living while providing an ultimately cheap holiday.

Teardrop trailers are becoming increasingly popular with couples who want to experience outdoor living on their holiday without the bustle of a large caravan camping area. They can enjoy peace and quiet on their holiday and set up camp wherever they choose. There is also the choice of eating in or out, so if it’s raining heavily you don’t need to stand outside sheltering the fire, you can still cook and eat in the comfort of the teardrop trailers. You could even bring a little travel kettle and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa in the warmth of the teardrop trailers with your loved one. Teardrop trailers really do offer the best of both worlds as you can still enjoy the beautiful landscape around you. If it’s a sunny day you can simply sit outside and have a picnic, cook a heart warming breakfast or just relax in the sun.