Setting up a pop up camper, otherwise known as pop up trailers, can seem quite a daunting task. You are presented with a trailer and a crank and somehow you have to make it look like the picture on the box. Imagine the pop up camper is in fact a toy, more specifically a jack in the box. Now the basic rule of thumb for operating a jack in the box is easy, you just turn the crank. That is essentially how you set up a pop up camper with a few additional tasks. Pop up trailers can use either a hand crank or a hydraulic lift in order to open up the top portion of the pop up camper.

You do have to get into a bit more than that though. The pop up camper also comes with various sections you will need to slide out to complete the pop up camper as a whole. It is a good idea to set up and dismantle your pop up camper a few times before you go on your first camping trip with it. Pop up campers can be very tricky and take a bit of time especially if you haven’t used them before. Although the concept of pop up campers is quite simple, theory is not always the same as practice. Once you get the hang of your pop up camper and the way it works it will be no problem at all to set up quickly and easily. This will help you a great deal when you go out on your camping trip and find on the first day it is raining heavily. Setting up your pop up camper in the rain is no fun task just as anything would be a tedious job if done in the rain. This is why you need to practice before hand; you will thank yourself for it in this situation!

Setting up a pop up camper is a great budget alternative to purchasing a full blown caravan. Pop up campers are the economic alternative for first time campers and families that have a strict budget for their holidays. Although you will need some practice to set up pop up campers it will be well worth the effort and you can enjoy regular weekends away for just the cost of petrol to get there and back. Because it is a fold away caravan, pop up trailers do not weigh as much as conventional campers and caravans meaning almost any vehicle can tow them. You also get peace of mind with pop up campers simply because once folded neatly away into a compact trailer, there is no view obstruction while driving.